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Forage Box

Forage Box Features:

The Forage King forage box from M.K. Martin features a self-contained hydraulic drive system driven off the tractor PTO. The sides and end gate are constructed of heavy duty 18 gauge corrugated galvanized steel to give many years of dependable service. The forage box floor is made of 7/16” high density plastic sheets. The safety shut-off is easily accessible and the beaters have ribbon auger flyting to provide steady, even flow of material. The beater shafts are mounted on sealed bearings, also giving you low maintenance. The retarder shield reduces the amount of overthrow on high loads.

The pintle chain is standard equipment and cross conveyor chain has uniform unloading pattern. All grease zerks are easily accessible. The return pan and shields has any material, following the cross conveyor chain, returning on the opposite side.

Rear shield folds down to give you easy accessibility to idler sprockets for servicing and maintenance.

The “Forage King” self unloading wagon has minimal moving parts. Three hydraulic motors take the place of many chains, belts, and variable speeds, giving you very low maintenance and service costs. The rear sub-frame & riser kit has plenty of clearance for tandem axle running gears and Hoop Braces add stability to the sides.

All controls are at your fingertips, mounted on the front of the Forage Box. The apron chain is controlled by variable speed flow control and the relief valve is set at a pressure so that it protects the oil motors. The large capacity pump gives ample torque for the heaviest of loads.

Sub-frame is built to give lots of strength and durability. Bolt together design allows flexibility through uneven terrain

Forage King