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We’re not just talking about our high quality materials, precision engineering, or even the top quality painting. We’re also talking about our office staff, our shop workers, our customers, and our resolve to bring not only the best possible product, but also the best possible experience when using MK Martin products. When you’re using an MK Product, you’re using something you can rely on and be proud of using. Now that’s something worth being a part of.

Have you used an MK Martin product that has impacted how you work around your property? Let us know that story here.

Jessica Lange Jessica Lange Performance Horses - Track Curry

We show on the AQHA show circuit, and we have trained and coached multiple All American Quarter Horse Congress top 10s and finalists, as well as Royal Show qualifiers. Here at Darby Stables, we use the curry on our indoor and outdoor riding pens. Before the curry, our footing was very inconsistent with hard and soft spots. Now since we've been using the curry, our footing is great and consistency is awesome.